Data policy

The Old Haileyburian Rugby Football Club Data Privacy Notice

This is our Data Privacy Notice and Explicit Consent Statement which explains how your personal data is being processed.

The Old Haileyburian Rugby Football Club (OHRFC) (“We” or “The Club”) is the rugby club both for former pupils of Haileybury & Imperial Service College and also now for non-pupils.

The Club was originally founded to run senior teams of male rugby players and aims to provide regular, mostly League-based, rugby matches during the September to April season. The Club also acts as a social hub for its members, their friends and family and retired players and stakeholders at its home Clubhouse and grounds based at 27 Ruxley Lane, Ewell, Kingston, Surrey KT19 0JB.

In addition, the Club also rents out the clubhouse, grounds and associated buildings to various organisations, for fitness training, cricket clubs, football clubs, visiting rugby teams and sports and non-sports related organisations. No personal data is retained by the Club for these organisations’ members, but data will be held for the management personnel of these groups and will be subject to the same rules and regulations and protected by The Data Protection Act 2018.

If you are member of the Club, either as a player or as retired player or a stakeholder we will collect and process personal data from you to enable you to be included in the Club’s activities and allow us to manage the Club in accordance with our purposes. We will use your information to contact you about matches and events which we believe may be of interest. We may also use your personal data to manage our day-to-day Club processes involving third-party organisations and stakeholders. You have control of all the personal data that you supply to the Club and you are free to give as much or as little data as you wish.

We do not collect, or hold personal data for anyone under the age of 18.

We are committed to processing, protecting and respecting all personal data about you under professional codes of conduct and The Data Protection Act 2018. To lawfully process your personal data under the GDPR, we ask you to read this data privacy notice so you can understand how we will process your personal data, and to then give us consent or withhold consent. If you withhold consent from us to process your personal data, we cannot process your personal data and will not include you in any of the Club’s activities.

In addition to any data we collect from you, we may also obtain your personal data from other Club members and stakeholders. To be clear we process the following information – your full name, contact details that may include email address(es), postal address(es), telephone and mobile numbers. In addition, we may process specific information with respect to payment of Club subscriptions, purchase of items of kit, tour fees, event payments, match availabilities, team selections, match reports, news items and other services provided in the normal running of the Club rugby services. Some of this data will be stored on a website hosting platform, Pitchero.com, and some on an email provider, Mail Chimp’s servers.

The personal data used directly by the Club is stored securely on systems managed by us within in the EU. As a data controller we may use third party data processors and email providers to assist us in processing the data and providing marketing and communications services. They are subject to the same professional codes of conduct and The Data Protection Act 2018. Any third-party data processors are under contract with the Club to ensure your data is protected.

Under data protection legislation you have the right to 1) request copies of your data, 2) request rectification of your data, 3) request erasure of your data, 4) object to us processing your data, 5) request us to restrict the processing and 6) where our systems allow, give electronic access or copies of your data in a digital format.

If you wish to exercise these rights please contact the Club Chairman. This is in addition to your right to contact the Information Commissioners Office if you are unsatisfied with our response to any issues you raise, at: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us.

Updated October 2020