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Ladies Day - Postponed from 3rd March to 7th April due to wrong kind of snow, wind, ice etc!

Saturday 7 April 2018, 14:30 to 22:00

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Key information on the day:

  • Arrive at The Grapes at 12 ready to be bused over.

  • Lunch and drinks will be served for Ladies once everyone has arrived

  • Paying bar is in order after lunch during the game

  • Bottomless will commence once we have finished playing (this is limited to fizz for ease with the huge numbers)

  • Departure at 10 to a cluuuuuuub

  • All players will be on the usual paying bar.

Make sure you bring the following:

  • Bring at least one raffle prize. Failure to do so will be noted and if you don’t bring something, then you will be performing a lap dance for one of our Ladies (Hayden can provide dance classes)

  • Ensure Ladies are aware that there is a paying bar during the match and that they need cash for the raffle - this is crucial fundraising so don’t forget!

  • Check the full list below to ensure everyone you’re expecting to see there is mentioned
  • If you are injured/not playing and attending, please report for butlering duties to Tom Fairlie.

  • Learning from last year, we won’t be handing out full bottles but players will be ensuring glasses remain filled to help Debs and Clive and team behind the bar.

  • If any of the single guys would like to volunteer for OH Take Me Out then please say so now - we will be playing this on the night.

Chris Ronayne x3
Potter x 5 (C Potter x5)
Fairlie x 10 (Sally Bishop, Kirsty Wallace, Cat Dickson, Emma Rayburn, Jill Elliot, Jess Hill, Lucy Wallis Holly Harland, Kerry Badger, Olivia Sumrie)
Hugo x 3 (Rachel Fowler +2)
Annabel x 11 (Lu Stokes, Harriett Berkley, Sarah Frisbie, Jess Frisbie, Carly Wheland, Beck Wickman, ROysin Dunon, Millie Ford, Olivia Catterall, Ally Hill, Ananbel Hill)
Gibbo x 1
Sean Davies x 4 (Grey L x2, Miss BJ Robbins, Molly Pearson)
Tett x 1 (Jess Hollingworth)
Ash x 1 (E Hudson)
Sam Hyne x 1 (Sam Hyne)
Rob Airdrie x 3 (R Aidrie x3)
Fig x 2 (Sophie Jordan, Rosie Scragg)
Bison x 5 (Tiffany Waters, Adriana Mcarthy, Georgie Huelin, Lucy VT Sophie Lovatt)
Max KH x 2 (Max KH)
Sedi x 1 (Sedi)
Aussie Tim x 2
Becks x 2 (Becks Casson, Julia Sellars)


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